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Over the years, new technological developments have allowed us to dramatically increase both the scope and reach of conferences and events. One of the most recent developments in this regard is the advent of hybrid events, where conferences can take place online and in the physical world at the same time.

The success of hybrid events is determined by the technology they’re built on. This type of event requires highly optimized IT infrastructure, impeccable timing and a precise schedule in order to ensure that high quality video and audio are transmitted to online audiences in real time.

Eventresult offers a wide range of services that can help you set up effective hybrid events, such as [presentation management], [webcasting], [overflow] and [ePosters]. We also provide [full service solutions]. Eventresult works with its own software, hardware and specialists, which allows us to respond quickly and deliver solutions that are tailored specifically to your needs.

The advantages of hybrid events

  • Infinite reach thanks to seamless integration with online audiences
  • Improved interaction with your target audience via online and offline discussions
  • More possibilities for content and innovation than traditional events can provide
  • Greater engagement for online audiences
  • Less hassle for conference organizers
  • Enhanced impact for your event

More interaction, more reach

A hybrid event isn’t just a live recording of a traditional, physical event – it’s much more. The live broadcasts are part of a much larger online program that combines with the offline event to create a more complete experience.

Eventresult has the knowledge and expertise to help you organize hybrid events and can support you in a variety of areas. For example, we can manage, broadcast and stream hundreds of presentations, which can be added to a website of your choosing after the event concludes. But we can also create additional interactive opportunities via social media, by letting online visitors field questions to your speakers live via Twitter and other platforms. These can then be answered by moderators or by the speakers themselves. This level of interactivity will greatly increase engagement and provide your online audience with a more genuine event experience.

Discover what Eventresult can do for you

In addition to facilitating livestreams and social media interaction, we can also help intensify engagement by deploying ePosters. These interactive screens allow visitors to delve deeper into the story of your conference, and the materials can be shared after the event via an online library.

The possibilities are endless, and the results of hybrid events speak for themselves. Your reach and visitor satisfaction will improve dramatically, and Eventresult can help you make that happen. Our solutions are always custom-made and tailored to suit your needs and wishes.

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