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Thanks to the advances in modern communication technology, we can now reach target audiences more efficiently, with specific information targeted at specific groups. Narrowcasting is one of those advances. This versatile solution allows you to transmit specific messages to specific visitor groups at your event at a time of your choosing.

Although the underlying technology is generally employed as digital signage, narrowcasting has considerably more to offer. It can help you maximize contact with the attendees and participants of your events, while simultaneously helping you work more efficiently. Our narrowcasting solutions can be managed from one central location, allowing you to provide general information and routing quickly and effectively. In addition, every screen can provide unique content. And since all of this can be combined with touch technology, narrowcasting can even enhance visitor interaction.

Why narrowcasting?

  • Send a personal message to a specific target audience
  • Control the moment information is shared with great precision
  • Foster more interaction with the visitors of your conference
  • Edit and update information on any screen whenever you desire
  • Manage all your narrowcasting screens from one location
  • Attach specific revenue models to narrowcasting by way of sponsoring, promotion or advertising

Effective communication

Narrowcasting allows you to display time-sensitive information, which helps you get the right message to the right people at the right time. For example, you can choose to alternate content regarding programs for specific days with an overview of the entire conference.

You can also use the screens to share other information, or even sponsored messages. This means you can monetize your narrowcasting, by using advertising to generate added revenue. It’s easy to see how this can be a winning formula, especially when the improved interactivity is factored in.

Modern conferences need narrowcasting

The touchscreens we use for narrowcasting give your visitors an interactive point of contact. As a result, your audience will be more engaged in your conference and what you have to say.

Would you like to let your visitors know how they can get to the next presentation on time, or do you want to share more information about the theme of your conference? Using narrowcasting will make it far easier to get the message across.

The possibilities of narrowcasting are endless, and we would love to show you how this technology can enhance your upcoming event. Would you like more information, or are you looking for a full service partner who can help you set up narrowcasting solutions?

Please feel free to contact our team directly. We’re always happy to help.

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