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Digital communication plays an invaluable role at modern conferences and events. It is used in myriad ways to connect with visitors and speakers alike. Eventresult can handle every aspect of the visual communication and technical infrastructure involved. We make sure all the IT solutions you need for your event are seamlessly integrated, allowing you to make a lasting impression.

Eventresult offers a unique presentation management system (PMS). This proprietary solution allows you to manage, review and deploy numerous presentations at your congress, making sure everything comes together at the right time.

By filming presentations, keynote speeches and other important parts of your conferences and events on location and sharing them through other channels, we can significantly increase your reach.

Digital signage allows you to share information with the attendees of a conference, trade fair or other event. You can manage the content on every screen from a central location and tailor each message to fit with the right moment.

Paper posters? Ancient history! The new poster is here, and it’s both digital and interactive. These ePosters allow you to share information and increase interaction with the visitors of your events.

Do you have specific needs and wishes regarding the technical infrastructure at your venue? Our venue consultants will turn your requirements into a practical plan and help you achieve your goals.

Eventresult offers a wide range of individual IT solutions for events, but we also have the resources and expertise to be a full service partner. We’ll provide a single point of contact and take care of everything you need.

The finest IT solutions for your events

Are you looking for the best way to communicate with your target audience during your conference? Do you need an effective way to manage and organize presentations, or are you looking for other IT solutions for your event?

Eventresult has years of experience with large-scale scientific conferences and other major events, so we know how to avoid the pitfalls and maximize your opportunities to connect with your attendees. Our team will advise you, help you create the ideal strategy and work with you to make it a reality. All of this is supported by cutting-edge IT solutions that will take your event to the next level.

Eventresult is the IT label of ACS audiovisual solutions. By combining our strengths, ACS and Eventresult can provide a fully integrated strategy for your IT and audiovisual needs, allowing each to complement the other. This in turn provides unique new opportunities that align with the needs and wishes of your visitors. As a result, you will be able to benefit from the resources and expertise of both our organizations.

We will always strive to help you craft an event experience that will leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Are you looking for the best solutions for your congress?

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