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Many researchers rely on poster presentations to share their insights with their audience. As such, posters have been a common sight at scientific conferences for years – despite the glaring limitations of the paper medium. Thankfully, we now have a versatile alternative: ePosters.

Eventresult has developed an interactive digital replacement for the traditional hardcopy poster. Our ePoster solutions improve interaction with the audience and help foster a sense of participation. And ultimately, that participation is what a conference is all about. By utilizing touchscreen technology, the ePosters will help make complex data more easily accessible for your visitors.

The advantages of ePosters

  • Upload and display scientific results in a digital environment
  • Improve visitor interaction and participation
  • ePosters work on desktop computers as well as a wide range of touchscreens
  • Innovative solution for scientific conferences
  • Stimulate knowledge sharing during and after the conference
  • Greater ease of use for your speakers
  • Contents of ePosters can be published online after your event

A comprehensive digital experience

As IT specialists, our natural focus is on the information technology that makes conferences and events possible. It’s something we excel at, whether you want to connect different applications, implement the newest solutions or make your presentations more interactive.

We understand that ePosters should be as user friendly as possible, which is why the software we use also runs PowerPoint. Our digital posters can be displayed on both desktop computers and touchscreens of various sizes.

Of course, ease of use and versatility aren’t the only advantages ePosters have to offer. Our system automatically keeps track of user experience statistics, which can be used to generate top 10 lists. And once your conference has concluded, you can export the contents of the ePosters to an online portal or media website and host it through our Data Center. We can even change the integrated ePoster frames to match your company style or the theme of your conference.

Share information on a massive scale

Providing your visitors with quality content is as important as ever, but it’s not the only aspect of your message you need to consider. Whether your message succeeds increasingly depends on the way your content is presented, as well. Scientific events and medical conferences are no exception to this rule. Reach and presentation have become key factors.

New technological developments like ePosters make it easier to share data, statistics and other information with a large audience. Their ease of use and versatility make them ideally suited for sharing scientific information on an international level.

Our ePosters help you share information with your visitors in an innovative, user friendly way, while adding a touch of professionalism and helping you save space at the same time.

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