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Will your conference have multiple speakers and presentations divided over a number of rooms? If so, the Eventresult presentation management system will be a great help. We developed this system ourselves to make it easier to manage, review and deploy presentations at large-scale events.

It’s not uncommon to have hundreds of speakers at major conferences and events. This means you may have to deal with hundreds of different presentations. Getting everything right can be a serious headache. Fortunately, our presentation management system will ensure that each presentation follows strict quality standards. What’s more, the system will help you send them out on time. You won’t have to worry about a thing.

The advantages of presentation management

  • Upload digital presentations in advance
  • Online support via the Speaker Service Center
  • Quality checks by experienced professionals
  • Technical oversight over every aspect of the presentation
  • Management from one central database
  • Guaranteed high quality presentations
  • Specialist assistance in optimization of presentations
  • Complete control, both before and during the conference
  • Demo lectern where speakers can practice and receive instructions about the system
  • Superlative ease-of-use for speakers

Support for every speaker

Presentation management is essential to make sure your presentations go smoothly. That’s why we always ask speakers to upload a digital copy of their presentations before the conference. Our team at the Speaker Service Center checks each presentation for visual quality and helps the speakers prepare.

In addition to providing full control over all planned presentations, our management system also takes care of distribution. Speakers only have to enter their names into the viewing screen – their presentation will start automatically. Everything is managed centrally via our database, ensuring you have maximum control both before and during the conference.

Make the most of your presentations

Presentation management should always be tailored specifically to your conference. Eventresult pays close attention to your demands and plans its approach accordingly. This means we can deliver optimized IT environments that give your presentations the attention they deserve. As a result, you will be able to save precious time, while simultaneously improving the quality of your conference.

Naturally, the ideal scenario for any presentation is to reach the largest possible audience. That’s why we also offer the option of recording and streaming your presentations live. This allows you to use the same presentation in multiple rooms, or even share it online.

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