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Are you looking for a powerful way to increase the reach of your next conference? Eventresult provides a range of webcasting solutions that will help your event transcend the boundaries of your venue.

In this day and age, your audience is no longer limited to the number of visitors that actually show up for your event in person. Webcasting transmits video recordings over the internet, which means anybody who happens to be interested can tune in. This not only allows you to vastly increase your reach, but also lets you keep a digital record of the best speeches and presentations for later consumption. The result is maximized impact at minimal cost.

The advantages of webcasting

  • Reach up to 1,000 visitors simultaneously
  • Connect with an international audience via the internet
  • Webcasting videos are ready for further distribution within minutes of the session’s conclusion
  • Increase online interaction by adding live chat functionality
  • Combine video, audio and picture-in-picture to improve clarity and legibility
  • Change the look and feel of your webcasts to match the style of your event
  • Hosting is available via the Eventresult data center
  • Webcasting solutions can be integrated in your own website

A presentation with infinite reach

Webcasting adds a valuable online dimension to events – not just for those who couldn’t make it to your conference in time, but also for visitors who want to revisit specific presentations after the event is over.

Since the presentations are already held live at your event anyway, this approach effectively gives them infinite reach; once they’re online, anybody can enjoy them. Naturally, Eventresult will make sure every recording is handled professionally, in a manner that suits your desired style.

Webcasting enhances audience interaction

Webcasting is above all a versatile solution. You can choose to screen a private presentation in other rooms, for example, or to make keynote speeches available to a wider audience on the internet.

By adding live chat functionality to the online side of your event, webcasting increases interaction between your speakers and the audience. Viewers will be able to ask questions which the speaker can respond to directly, allowing for a more stimulating back-and-forth and a greater sense of participation for the online audience.

Once the presentation is over, Eventresult can send you the recordings in any desired format, so you can distribute them as you see fit.

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