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On May 15th, ACS and Eventresult hosted its annual event for business customers in Amsterdam in the warehouse of Eventresult. The warehouse was completely transformed into an intimate congress room. Customers and partners of ACS and Eventresult were invited for an afternoon of entertainment and networking. They were welcomed by a holographic projection of ACS Managing Director, Jessica Ylstra.

The afternoon started with a workshow by guest speaker George Parker. George is a master of illusions and comedy and showed the audience how to see and experience new thoughts, leave the past behind and start rehearsing for the future! After the workshow there was time to mingle and guests were introduced to some innovative developments from Eventresult, including an interactive bar, where guests could order a drink via their smart phone. Once the order was ready an announcement was displayed on a round projection screen.

This was an innovative interactive afternoon and a lot of fun!

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